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Tentacles glass block

Tentacles glass block

This block has an intriguing original design of tentacles wrapped around, under and over the glass, they could belong to an octopus, a tiny squid or some mysterious sea creature as yet undiscovered. The tentacles themselves are sandblasted deeply into the glass whilst the suckers are raised to give a truly tactile experience. The design can be seen from different angles as it is reflected and refracted within the glass. As the light changes it penetrates the block in different ways giving ever different effects. It is a delicate design but the block itself is reassuringly substantial and can be used as a paperweight or simply as a beautiful and unusual piece of sculpture.

This jade glass block is 7.5cm wide, 10cm high, a depth of 1.8cm and weighs approximately 370g. It comes in a black foam lined gift presentation box. Postage and packing is free within the UK.

If you have any questions about this tentacles block or any of my other glass please don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected], 07983 637 121 or by using the contact form on this website.